Women in Conservation: Twitter Accounts to Follow in 2014

by Allie Wilkinson on March 11, 2014

Earlier this year, conservation biologist James Borrell published a list of the top 100 conservation Twitter accounts to follow in 2014. Women were noticeably missing from the list, even when some of the biggest names in a given area were women.  Yet there are many interesting, talented women in the fields of conservation science, photography and journalism. Below is a list of some women in conservation worth following.


Photographers and Videographers


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James Borrell March 11, 2014 at 6:16 pm

Hi Allie,

Thanks for posting this list and linking back. I thought perhaps I should explain for a moment!?

Rightly or wrongly trying to keep a 50:50 man:woman mix didn’t even occur to me when I quickly put together the first list. Not because I don’t support women in scientist, more because throughout my degree, fieldwork and PhD there’s always been lots of women and men, and they’ve all been treated the same. Which I suppose is a good sign of progress? (I’m sure lots might disagree with my perspective!)

But, of course I fully agree that everyone should have role models, and of course there’s loads of great female scientists, so thanks for posting!



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